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Message from Curtis Kingston

Published on May 31, 2015 by

Hello World……

So I know that there have been a lot of questions and rumors going around over the past year and a half regarding myself and I would like to set the record straight the best way I can.

So as most of you are aware, starting in early 2012, due to my own families horrific encounter with our local CA$, I jumped right into many groups to assist children and families and in the course of just over a year and a half had became a well respected advocate and was personally responsible for setting up at least a third of the rallies on this issue in the province.

I had also assisted a number of families on a personal level to have them reunited with their loving children. Then in the middle of September 2013, I was arrested and charged for a Facebook post and was later released on bail on September 17th, 2013. Due to the publication ban on my case, I cannot say much about it other than to say that I was railroaded by the police, crown attorney and even my own lawyer in the beginning. I was able to obtain legal counsel later that was better but it was far too late. On the day I was released on September 17th, 2013 the court had placed such insane conditions on me that not only was I unable to continue with the advocate work that I loved but it also rendered me incapable to do almost anything. One of my many conditions was that I was not to have any access to Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

I truly feel as though most of the conditions that were placed on me and most of my issues since had no other purpose than to stop me in my tracks, put fear into me so that when this is all over, I will simply roll over, shut up and be the good little sheep that they want me to be. WELL rest assured that I am not and will never be one of the sheeple but with that being said, I do have my own family and other things to worry about.

So I don’t know what extent or how long it will take before I start advocating and helping again but it is one of my true loves in life so I will be back eventually and with any luck I will be stronger than ever. 
To all the amazing people that have stuck by me though everything, I wouldn’t have made it without you. There are also a select few people and I won’t say names but you know who you are, that not only decided to abandon me and turn their backs on me, but then decided to bash me and slander me full well knowing that I couldn’t defend myself at the time. To these people….. after all that I did to help you, from getting one of you out of jail to driving 7 hours in an ice storm to help another and much, much more, you should be ashamed of yourselves for being “friends” when I was helping you but ditching me and then having the nerve to try throwing me under the bus as soon as I needed help. Thanks for that as it just assisted me in figuring out just how fate and downright childish you really are. Now back to the people that stuck by me……

I really am forever indebted to the friends and family that have always been there and supported me through everything, people like Attila Vinczer who was the one that originally helped my family to get my siblings home back in 2012 and inspired me to get into advocating and then just a few weeks ago drove 4 hours to Belleville to support me at my sentencing.

Or the individuals who don’t wish to be named but took me into their homes for over a year and a half while I was fighting in court.Or my amazing family who has stuck by me through thick and thin. To my parents, Jacquelyn Kingston and Jeffrey Kingston, my little brother Dylan Kingston, my grandmother Bonnie Sutherland, my uncles Gary Walker and Stevie Thayer and last but not least the woman that I truly hope to marry someday Marika Scheulderman. I Love You All more than you can even imagine and with all my heart.

That is it for now but over the next few months things will be difficult for me still on Facebook so please be patient. If anyone has any questions, please ask away via private message and it will be responded to as soon as possible. Thanks Everyone and keep up the good fight  :)

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