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Happy Canada Day to all!!

Published on July 2, 2013 by
Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

As a Canadian there are many things that make me proud to be here such as our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the fact that we do live in such a beautiful country but unfortunately, as time goes on, there more and more there are things that make me ashamed to be a Canadian and this has allot to do with the fact that their are more and more things that are going on that do not resemble Canada, the country that I heard about in the history books but rather resemble Germany in the height of Nazi power.

Here in Canada nowadays it is generally frowned upon by society to speak out against or question our government that is full of corruption.

The Canadian public is generally unaware of any real issues that effect us all but rather is aware of the current hairstyles and relationships of our celebrities because this is all that our government sponsored mainstream media/propaganda machine wants you to hear.

They do not know about things such as the massive loss of fundamental rights and freedoms of many Canadians on a regular basis whenever they speak out or do something that is not against the law but rather is simply going against corruption.

They are unaware that the vast majority of the food that is sold in our grocery stores is not food at all but rather is “food like products” that are proven to be dangerous to our health and kill thousands of people annually. This includes the vast majority of produce sold in grocery stores that is Genetically Modified using seeds created by Monsanto Corp that is so dangerous that they will not allow GMO crops in their own cafeterias but yet they sell it to millions of unsuspecting people on a regular basis.

They are unaware that the entire mental health industry is nothing more than a sham that has been designed to misinform the public into believing that they all need dangerous psychotropic drugs that have in most cases been proven to cause more harm than good and are even often prescribed to children in which they are not even approved by health Canada.

Then we have the chemtrails where in a massive effort by our own government, millions of airplanes fly across our beautiful country spraying massive amounts of Aluminum and Barium into the sky for undisclosed reasons that are further destroying our health and our farmland.

Municipalities in this country are knowingly dumping huge amounts of a poisonous industrial toxic waste product known as fluoride into our water system that is causing untold health problems including flouridosis that actually rots your teeth which is the opposite of what the public is told.

Then we have private unaccountable corporations known as Children’s Aid Societies that often walk into the homes of innocent families and steal their children using unlawful and blatantly immoral Nazi style tactics for nothing more than their own financial gain.

Then these private corporations are responsible for the deaths of over 100 innocent children every year in the province of Ontario alone!

If Adolf Hitler where alive today he would likely praise Canada and other countries for doing the types of things that he could have only wished he was able to do in his time.

Honestly there are so many things in this country that are so wrong and immoral that it is hard to think that this is in fact Canada.

But with that being said, I am still happy to be Canadian as I know that it is only a matter of time before the sheeple take the wool off of their eyes and see what is really going on and do something about it.

I highly encourage everyone to look at what is really going on and speak out and stand up for what you believe in as that is what Canada is really about.

Happy Canada Day to all!!!

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